Devotional Set: Tender Touch

World Out of Control

During the war in the Persian Gulf, when Iraq’s Saddam Hussein was aggressively defying the whole world and turning a deaf ear to any voice of reason, many people were confused and dismayed. Even facing […]

God’s Love Letter

One of the nicest things about holiday seasons is being with our family and friends — having the privilege of sharing worship, food, and fellowship with those we love. Oh, how Jack and I cherish […]

Is God Magic?

A little boy asked his mother one day, “How can God love everybody? Is He magic?” He couldn’t understand how anyone — not even God — could love everyone. After all, there are so many […]

When the Light Goes Out!

I really enjoy flowers and plants. My husband, Jack, and I have numerous trees, shrubs, and flowering plants around our house. Jack does most of our yard work, and he often takes a short break […]

But What Have I to Offer?

The little boy was only about 8 years old, bright-eyed, blonde, and so very cute. He came up to me that Wednesday evening before the crusade service started and said, “I have something for you, […]

The Easy Burden

Talk about busy! For many months Dr. Van Impe and I have been going from early to late, working harder than we ever have in our lives. In addition to our normal activities and responsibilities, […]

The Silent Force of Faith, Hope, and Love

And now abideth faith, hope, charity [love], these three; but the greatest of these is charity [love] (1 Corinthians 13:13). There are unseen forces in the world that are vitally important in the course of […]

I Need a Nap!

On the closing night of our citywide crusade in Rochester, New York, I went down front after the service to greet people, sign Bibles, and just enjoy a time of fellowship with our friends there. […]

At My Front Door

Soulwinning is everybody’s business. When our Lord Jesus issued the Great Commission, He did not direct it just to preachers, or the highly educated, or the good talkers. He sent us all… and made us […]

What’s In a Look?

The instant I saw her I knew she was special. She was only about 5 years old, and her smile simply captivated my heart. Something about her moved me and compelled my attention. It was […]


I’ve always felt that ashes were so worthless. If you’ve ever looked into a fireplace after the fire has gone out and the last embers are cold, what you see is so empty and useless. […]

Believest Thou This?

Resting in the Reality of the Resurrection Not too far from where I live is a beautiful memorial garden where my father is buried. I pass by there often, and many times I find myself […]