Your uncompromising commitment to reaching souls

Jack and Rexella,

Words cannot express my gratitude to you both for your love of the lord. I look eagerly each week to hearing from you both. Your uncompromising commitment to reaching souls is commendable and much appreciated. PRAISE GOD!!

Although I am fairly new to your program I have been a committed believer since June 12, 1988. At almost 55 years I have certainly had my share of what I call

“The Damascus Road” Journey; And when I see the love in each of your eyes towards each other it makes me proud to sing loud sing strong and stand tall!!

After losing my health… losing my wife… losing my house… and losing my business I sometimes wonder how much more this journey will unfold!!?? Then, when I watch the headlines you two so diligently show each week I am thankful. I humbly take another step.

Best of health to you Jack. Rexella, you are a delight to behold any week.

Love and peace,

Dan F.