Biden calls for ‘new world order’

WND.com reports: “At a banking conference Vice President Joe Biden called for the creation of a ‘new world order’ with new financial institutions, updated global rules, a level playing field, and a prosperous China.

His comments seem to refer to the president’s so-called pivot-toward-Asia – a professed strategy of putting a greater focus on the Asia region.

His statements come as the U.S. increased its deployments in the Pacific, purportedly in response to threats from North Korea.

Those military moves prompted much speculation in the news media that some of the White House response to North Korea may be related to the larger pivot to Asia that has been a major Obama administration policy goal.

Biden’s remarks also come one week after China, Russia and other powers announced the creation of a new economic order that would rival the Western-dominated World Bank and International Monetary Fund.

Delivering the keynote address at the Export-Import Bank Conference in Washington, D.C. on Friday, Biden stated ‘the affirmative task we have now is to create a new world order.’

He continued: ‘Because the global order is changing again, and the institutions of the world worked so well in the post-World War II era for decades, they need to be strengthened, and some need to be changed.’

‘So we have to do what we do best, we have to lead,’ he stated. ‘We have to update the global rules of the road, we have to do it in a way that maximizes benefits for everyone, because obviously, it’s overwhelmingly in our interests. This is not a zero sum game, it’s overwhelming our interest, that China prosper, that Mongolia prosper, that nations big and large, East and West (prosper). We have to level the playing field so that companies and workers can compete in the world, that the competition is fair and it’s healthy.’…” (It was President Bush Sr. and Gorbachev that created the term “The New World Order”. It is forming at breakneck speed presently. Martin Luther and John Calvin both, 500 years ago, predicted the global socialist monstrosity as being headed up by the two legs of iron in Daniel’s image analyzed concerning Nebuchadnezzar’s dream and interpreted as an Islamic leg and an apostate Christian leg for the final world order of Revelation 17:10.)