Devotional Set: Soul Food

The Virgin Birth

Belief in the virgin birth of Christ is a must if you accept the Bible as the Word of God. For centuries the prophets had been pointing toward the hour of the incarnation. Isaiah had […]

The Name Jesus

While Joseph, the carpenter was still reeling from the revelation that Mary was with child, an angel appeared to him and explained the miraculous coming birth of Christ. Months before, a similar announcement had been […]

Joseph’s Fear

Only one verse in the Bible is taken to tell about Joseph’s discovery that his bride-to- be was with child, but the emotional trauma for this good man must have been devastating. His engagement to […]

The Light of the World

An artist once drew a picture of a winter twilight — the trees heavily laden with snow and a dreary dark house, lonely and desolate, in the midst of the storm. It was a sad […]

The Forerunner

Sometimes we forget that there were two miraculous births. Though John the Baptist was not born of a virgin, his birth was miraculous in that it was a fulfillment of prophecy. John was sent by […]

Blessed Believers

Elisabeth, filled with the Holy Spirit, acknowledged Christ as her Lord before He was born. Mary had gone to the hill country of Judah to spend some time with Elisabeth who was there awaiting the […]

The Magnificat

In response to Elisabeth’s pronouncement of blessing, Mary’s full heart overflowed with a song of praise. We have come to know her words as “The Magnificat.” Mary rejoiced that day in her personal Saviour: “My […]

Gabriel’s Mission

The prophets had foretold the coming of the Saviour and the world had waited. When prophetic voices ceased, some doubted. Suddenly the silence was broken. Angels were sent on missions of earth-shaking importance. John the […]

All Things Possible

The birth of Jesus Christ was a miracle. Any attempt to understand it apart from that perspective is doomed to failure. Some have tried to come up with a medical explanation of the virgin birth of […]

The Coming King

Some who claim to be Christians do not like to think about the Jewish ancestry of Jesus. Somehow these double minded people are able to blot out the truth that, in His human line, Jesus […]


Those who doubt the virgin birth of Christ are themselves a contradiction. They wrestle with the sign, yet often claim to accept the Saviour. There is no question but that the virgin birth required God’s […]

His Name Is John

John the Baptist was named twice. On the day of his circumcision in the temple he was named Zacharias, after the name of his father. That name could not stand, however, because his Heavenly Father […]