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Eternal Thanks

Dear Doctors Jack and Rexella Van Impe, I am writing from Quito, Ecuador to thank you ever so much for your terrific Newsletters, each one is so valuable! Also, I anxiously await your extraordinary weekly […]

Bless you and thank you for having the spiritual backbone to stand against the apostate preachers in this country. Your zeal for the Lord is as sincere as ever; continue to speak with boldness my […]

God Bless you both. You are such a beacon in this dark and perverse world. I do enjoy your newsletter and when I can I watch your show. You give such encouragement in the light […]

Dear Reverends, I know you cannot read every email you receive, but I am writing to tell you that you are the only Evangelists on television I watch. You come on at 12:30 am on […]

First I want to thank you for your show, I have been addicted to drugs and pornography for years and through your show convicting me every week I have now quit using both. I go […]

JVI Ministries, Until you get your reward in Heaven you will never know how many people you have blessed with your programs, books & tapes. We are very thankful for your continued faithfulness to Jesus, […]

Dear Jack and Rexella: I travel back and forth from Texas to Oklahoma and when I am not able to watch JVI Ministries on TV, I catch up on JVI Ministries Internet TV. I greatly […]

God loves me so much to connect me to your Ministry. I feel so blessed by your newsletter and show respectively. For me if I did not receive your newsletter or watch you on TV […]

Dear Dr. Jack and Rexella Van Impe, I’m a big fan of your show! I’ve been watching since the age of 10 and I wanted to tell you guys what a blessing your ministry has […]

Hello Jack and Rexella, I’ve been witnessing to my friend Lynne and praying for her salvation for a couple of years. She continued to believe she was going to heaven by her good works. We […]

I know Jack and Rexella are Godly people! I can see their passion for Christ in their teachings!! God bless this family always and forever!!! Greetings in the precious name of our Lord and Saviour […]

Hello Jack and Rexella, I just wanted to send a huge Thank You for all you do. I received Jesus into my heart after watching your show a few years back. I am now 39 […]