Month: April 2022

Marking al-Quds Day, Iran general vows support for anyone ‘ready to fight’ Israel

The Times of Israel reports: “Thousands of Iranians marched in rallies in the capital Tehran on Friday to mark Jerusalem Day, with Iran’s leaders and top generals railing against Israel and evoking the Jewish state’s […]

Weapons deliveries to Ukraine threaten European security: Kremlin

SpaceWar.com reports: “The Kremlin said Thursday that Western arms deliveries to Ukraine were dangerous for European security. ‘The tendency to pump weapons, including heavy weapons into Ukraine, these are the actions that threaten the security […]

Ukraine: ‘Russia has suffered colossal losses’

Israel National News reports: “The ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine has resulted in massive casualties to both sides, Ukraine said Friday, claiming that the Russian military has suffered higher losses than Kyiv’s. An adviser […]

Report: Iran plotting to assassinate former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo

WND.com reports: “The United States under Joe Biden’s administration has gone to extraordinary lengths to try to restore an agreement with Iran to replace the failed Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action that was created by […]

Poll: Nearly half of Israelis fear a second Holocaust is coming

The Jerusalem Post reports: “Despite the phrase ‘never again’ long linked to Holocaust commemoration, almost half (47%) of the Israeli public are concerned that another Holocaust will strike the Jewish people, according to a new […]

Turkey says still talking to Russia about missile deliveries

SpaceWar.com reports: “NATO member Turkey said it was still talking to Russia about procuring a second batch of one of its most advanced missile defence systems despite the war in Ukraine. The comments on state […]

Iran hails latest talks with Saudi Arabia as ‘positive’

SpaceWar.com reports: “Iran said Monday that the latest round of talks with its regional rival Saudi Arabia was ‘positive and serious’ and voiced hope for further progress soon. Tehran and Riyadh, which severed diplomatic ties […]

Iran Seeks to Expand Its Military Cooperation With China

Voice of America News reports: “Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi expressed Wednesday his government’s desire for closer cooperation with China in remarks made during a visit by the Chinese defense minister, state media reported. According to […]

Russia launches gas embargo on 2 NATO states

Israel National News reports: “Russia initiated an oil embargo on two NATO member states in Europe Wednesday, sending energy prices soaring across much of Europe. Moscow announced Wednesday afternoon that it will be freezing the […]

Finland unfazed by Kremlin threats on NATO membership

euobserver.com reports: “Russian threats will not stop Finland joining NATO, a senior Finnish official has indicated, amid memories of its ‘Winter War’ with the Soviet Union. ‘Finland is a sovereign state’ and it will make […]

Israel braces for violence ahead of last Friday of Ramadan

YnetNews.com reports: “Jerusalem Police was on Wednesday, preparing for Friday prayers at the Al Aqsa mosque, at the conclusion of the holy month of Ramadan. Riots have broken out on the site repeatedly for the […]

Taiwan says to keep Ukraine lessons in mind during annual wargame

SinoDaily.com reports: “Taiwan’s military on Wednesday said it was learning lessons from Russia’s war against Ukraine as it unveiled plans for its annual military exercise that simulates defending the island from Chinese attacks. The island’s […]