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Think of the cares that would be cancelled if we could escape anxiety about tomorrow. Most feel safe about today, but the tomorrows are tough. Tomorrow the house payment is due. Tomorrow is the final […]


Babe Ruth once said: “Most of the people who have really counted in my life were not famous. Nobody ever heard of them, except those who knew and loved them. I knew an old minister […]

How to Pray

A good rule is to make public prayers shorter than those we offer in private. Some seize opportunities to pray in public as a means to impress others. A minister who was asked to pray […]

Hard Times

Difficult days come to both the righteous and the wicked. Though Christians will escape the Tribulation period, they have tribulation during their sojourn on this planet. Jesus said: “In the world ye shall have tribulation” […]


Jesus called His disciples “the salt of the earth.” Salt preserves and purifies. Christians have the responsibility of preserving certain values and exerting a purifying influence on others. Neither of these obligations can be fulfilled […]


“You have such an exciting life! It must be wonderful to travel about and meet so many interesting and important people…” In years past, Dr. Van Impe and I have visited dozens of cities hosting […]

People of Destiny

God has a perfect plan for every life. Each Christian has the opportunity to become God’s person for the hour. Standing at the portal of this new year, we will do well to learn from people of […]

January Thaw

Now that the message of peace on earth is neatly packed away with the Christmas decorations, it is time for the yearly lapse into business as usual. Though totally inconsistent with the Bible message, that […]

How Do You Handle Guilt

“How do I handle the guilt of having lived in adultery for twenty years?” a woman asked me. First, I led her to the Lord. Then I assured her that the past was forgotten, just […]

The Everlasting Arms

When did God have His beginning? Who was before Him? These common questions have but one answer: God is eternal. He has always existed. Note this revelation to Isaiah: “Ye are my witnesses, saith the […]