Devotional Set: Soul Food

Stop Quenching the Spirit

If we quench a fire, we stop it in its path. If we quench the Holy Spirit, we halt His work in us. We stifle or suppress Him. When you quench the Holy Spirit, you […]

Start Walking

Walking demonstrates faith. Jesus told the man who had been sick of the palsy that he was to take up his bed and walk. That demanded faith. He had not been able to walk. The […]

Criticizing Jesus

Perhaps you are enduring undeserved criticism. Never mind. They criticized Jesus. Dr. Henry Clay Trumbull and Dr. Charles G. Trumbull, editors of “The Sunday School Times” from 1875 to 1941 gave the following advice to […]

Stop Grieving the Spirit

You may be surprised to learn that God can experience grief. Yet, there are a number of Bible texts that reveal this. Moses wrote that God was grieved over the wickedness that was on the […]

Stop Complaining

Complaining is contagious. Some are always looking for things to complain about. The late T. DeWitt Talmage wrote of such people, “Away with the horrors! they distill poison; they dig graves; and if they could […]

His Temple

Your body is important. Consider the creation. Everything in the universe, except the human frame, was simply spoken into existence. “And God said, Let the earth bring forth the living creature after his kind, cattle, […]

New Birth

“Your religionists came to visit me,” the man stormed. He was angry about what he considered an invasion of his privacy. I listened calmly and thought about his words. If he had been right about […]

Exercise for Complainers

The Psalmist was troubled: overwhelmed by his problems. Focusing on his burdens, he complained, wondering why God didn’t do something about his situation. Finally, he realized that the problem was not with God but with […]

God’s Servant Vindicated

C. H. Spurgeon once said that he had one blind eye and one deaf ear and that they were the best ear and eye that he had. He meant that we are far better off […]

God’s Way

This is the day of gimmicks and promotions. Products are palmed off on the public through slick advertising methods. Candidates buy their way into office with expensive election campaigns. The American dream of going from […]

He’s Listening

Caleb and Joshua were headed for the promised land. None of their associates would make it. Why would this tiny minority out of the entire nation be able to claim their inheritance and possess their […]

An Angry God

Complaining is considered a “respectable” sin. Preachers wax eloquent about all kinds of worldliness and receive hearty “amens” from their congregations. But little is said about the unlovely habit of grumbling and complaining. Why? Because […]